We Moved to the Mountains!

After 17 years of living in sunny Queensland, we’ve returned to the Blue Mountains. One holiday destination to the next. It’s cool, but we feel at home.

We were brainstorming ideas of how to become a little more mobile. So we invited our adult kids to move back into our Queensland home while we (my wife and I with our eight-year-old son) go on some adventures. We cover the mortgage as usual, while they cover our rent. So far it seems to be working, and it’s win-win for everyone.

We left our furniture in Queensland and planned a minimalistic moving strategy – just bringing our vehicles and the essentials. It worked pretty well. Those “essentials” included a bunch of guitars and music keyboards, seven bikes, and a collection of computers and other gadgets. All very important!

We filled our new home with pre-loved furniture we gathered from garage sales, “pay it forward” type websites, Facebook and relatives. Most was free, and we spent $100 in total. We’re comfortable, and happy. And it’s been great catching up with old friends.

Cycling in the mountains is more difficult than I expected. I knew it would be “hilly and chilly”, but I didn’t expect the hills to be so relentless. Winter has barely begun, so the weather is not too bad, but already one long night ride left my fingers and toes like blocks of ice. My phone shut down in the cold, and it took me quite a while to defrost.

So I’ll buy warmer gear, and learn to love climbing. And I’ll ride in the warmest part of the day as much as possible.

One nice thing about cycling in the mountains is the beautiful places I can visit. The Three Sisters at Katoomba and Wentworth Falls Lake are two I’ve ridden to so far. Even riding down the highway gives some amazing views.

We plan to stay here for at least a year. So far it’s been fantastic.

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